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10 Tips to Build Strong Relationships with Colleagues

I am Dr Tanzina Shomy, A JSD in Emergency Department of Sandwell and west Birmingham hospital. I am also one of the community experts of the TrewLink.

Here are my 10 tips to build strong relationships with colleagues:

  1. Effective communication – at the very beginning keep that in your mind that you are a professional here, your colleagues are from different cultures and you have to be blend with them, and in that case only effective communication will help. The most important thing of effective communication is the tone of your voice, the body language and kindness in your voice. You may find some colleague bit strict and rude but you have to be always polite and non-reacting immediately towards rudeness if you want to build a good relationship with them.

  2. Act proactively – to build a strong and good relationship with your colleagues you need to act proactively. Well, it means your colleague will be interested in you if you are able to help to reduce the whole burden of the team, when you are a new starter you will not be given loaded of work, but you will be expected to act proactively to help the team. if you act proactively for the team your colleague will build a good relationship with you. They will also help you when you needed if you help them; for example, for swapping a shift or help regarding bloods and cannulation if your nurse colleagues asked your help.

  3. Positive mentality – it is one of the important tricks, try to be positive always, you have to keep in your mind that there will be always gossip/backbiting/work politics at work but always and always keep yourself distance from this politics/ gossip. Always show your positive mentality towards your colleagues. DO NOT INFLUENCE OR PARTICIPATE IN A JOKE WITH OTHER. ALWAYS AVOID. Spread always positivity and keep mentality positive with professional conduct.

  4. Respectful towards colleagues – Always respect your colleagues; remember respect begets respect. By respecting you will develop a good relationship with your colleagues which is important in your professional goals.

  5. Faithful always be loyal and keep all the commitment with your colleagues which will show honesty and integrity of your character and will help to build a good relationship with colleagues.

  6. Offering help – to build a good relationship with colleague try to offer some help in your work; if you are helpful towards your colleague then your colleague will value you as a helpful colleague and it will help to strengthen the relationship

  7. Being understanding and empathetic – to build strong relationship with anyone you must have to be understanding and empathetic. In your work you should be empathetic towards your colleague which will be effective in building the relationship.

  8. Appreciation – try to appreciate your colleague in small favour or any small help; it really helpful to build a good relationship.

  9. Avoid complaining – I will suggest try to avoid complaining until anyone does not trying to harm you mentally. You can always escalate matters if anything happened which takes a toll of your mental health; but always try to avoid complaining about silly issues. Complaining about your colleague can ruin the relationship completely. Do not take any joke or fun personally, always show your professional conduct.

  10. Out of work time – try to spend times out of work once in 2-3 months for example lunch together outside or arranging a party together; treat your colleagues with coffee/ snacks, those small steps really help to build a strong relationship with colleagues.

Need more tips and advice?

If you have any questions regarding this or any advice I would be happy to help you at Find me as an expert and follow my profile – Tanzina Shomy - to receive regular support and advice.

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