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Booking Cancelled PLAB 1 Slot

Hi, my name is Dr Mahak Agrawal, an IMG from India. In today's blog, I will share with you the ways you can book a cancelled PLAB 1 slot!

What's a cancelled slot?

The slot which is released randomly by GMC, after the cancellation of the booked slot, as people cancel their bookings due to many reasons.

Booking cancelled slots can benefit those who have missed the official date of booking the PLAB 1 slot or failed the PLAB 1 exam. Though no solid information is available on how to book a cancelled slot, there's a lot of experience of other medicos which are available online who had managed to book the slots. After booking a cancelled slot miraculously and combing through the experiences of others, I have conglomerated a few points which can help you get a cancelled slot.

Truth bomb: There's no shortcut!

The only way to get a cancelled slot is to sit behind your laptop/mobile, log in to the GMC site and continuously check 24x7 for a slot to pop up. But surely you can improve your chances of getting the slot by:

1. Keeping your OET/IELTS score verified on the GMC site.

2. Keeping your credit card/debit card ready with the international limit to open access.

3. Keeping your credit/debit card info prefilled in your browser.

4. A good internet connection is a must.

5. Watch YouTube videos of people booking slots so that you have an overview of how to fill and move forward in the booking process. You need to be quick, as slots pop in seconds and vanish!

6. Read the instructions on the GMC site properly, and pay attention to the following:

i) Releasing date of slots

ii) Cancellation amount reductions before the exam date will help you calculate the probability of getting a cancelled slot.

7. The main thing is to check the GMC online whenever you are awake and refresh the page, but not too many times as your account might get locked (Don't worry, it can be unlocked easily).

8. If, while booking, you have missed a slot by a few seconds, don't give up. Wait for a few minutes; it has some chance of popping back.

9. Try to stay updated through Facebook, telegram, and WhatsApp groups, where some genuine people posts screenshots of slots available or any new info related to cancelled slots.

10. Continue studying along with all this tiring process

11. Be persistent, and don't lose hope.

Try avoiding these blunders:

1) Avoid all the kinds of scammers available online, promising to get you a slot at a desired date and place in exchange for money.

2) Avoid sharing your login details with anyone.

3) Swapping slots don't work (as GMC do not immediately release the slot after cancellation)

4) Do not log in from multiple browsers and devices simultaneously – your account might get locked.

5) Don't rely on specific timings; slots are released randomly. I have personally seen slots pop up at three different times during the day.

I had lost hope of getting a cancelled slot many times. Multiple times I missed the slots by just a few seconds. It took me approximately 25 days of continuous checking to book the slot. But if you persevere enough, you might get lucky!

Need More Help?

If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them at You can register using this link Find me as an Ambassador and follow my profile – Mahak Agrawal, to receive regular support and advice.

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