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Documents Required For Clinical Attachment

Hello, I am Dr Aditi, an IMG from India. I have cleared my PLAB 1 Exam and am currently preparing for my PLAB 2 exam in May 2023, after which I shall be doing a clinical attachment.

I am writing this blog to help those who are looking forward to doing an attachment regarding the documents that are asked by a majority of the trusts for a clinical attachment in the NHS.

1. Email

Write an email to the consultant/trust requesting an attachment post. Mention a bit about yourself, your graduation details, your PLAB journey so far, and why you are interested in doing a clinical attachment. Keep it short and highlight the bullet points.

2. CV/Resume

Always send your updated/ latest resume in your email to the consultant/HR department. There are many blogs regarding the process of writing your CV according to the NHS standards, which you can refer to. If you are unsure as to how to write a professional CV, you can request someone already working in the NHS to proofread it for you.

3. Cover Letter

A well-written cover letter can make your application stand out. Make sure that you mention in brief your journey so far and the reason why you want to do an attachment in that particular trust/department. Send out your cover letter along with your email request for attachment.

4. References

Keep 2-3 references ready, preferably your supervisor/professor/consultant whom you worked under during your internship or at your workplace, and who can vouch for you/is aware of your professional development. Try and get work emails, as some of the trusts specifically ask for those.

5. Passport/Visa

Begin working on your Visa application as soon as possible, as you shall be asked for a valid UK visa to finalize your attachment dates and the confirmation that you will be coming to the UK.

6. Police Clearance Certificate/DBS

Some trusts may ask for a police check from your home country. Start this process keeping your attachment dates in mind, as this certificate is valid only for 6 months and can take up to 4-5 weeks to arrive. You can visit the Passport website (for Indian IMGs), fill up an online application form, pay the fee, and book an appointment at the nearest Passport office for verification of documents. After this, you shall be contacted by the local police and will be asked to visit the nearest police station for further verification. Once it’s done, your certificate shall be sent to you via post/email.

7. Vaccination Certificate

While applying for clinical attachments, the trusts ask for immunization records or evidence of childhood vaccinations. If you do not have them, you can tell them that you do not possess these records, and the trusts can then arrange an occupational health appointment. They shall ask you to book an appointment as soon as you arrive in the UK and then carry the required health checks in person. Once you get a clearance from them, your clinical attachment application will be processed. Bear in mind that these checks must be booked in advance as the process can take up some time. You may also be asked for your covid vaccination certificate.

8. Miscellaneous

Keep scanned copies of your MBBS degree certificate and IELTS/OET certificate ready. PLAB 1 results and PLAB 2 booking confirmation mails may be asked by some of the trusts, and you may be required to fill up a set of forms -Health clearance/DBS, which varies from trust to trust.


Gather your documents in advance so that you can begin applying for attachments as soon as you have your PLAB 2 dates in place. Search for email addresses of the consultant/HR department and start sending out emails.

If you have any queries, always clarify with the relevant authority and keep the process transparent. It might take some time to hear back from HR, so be patient and polite while requesting updates on your application. You can go through these blogs, which helped me a lot:

Need more help?

I hope this blog helps you in ways that TrewLink blogs have done for me. If you have any other questions about clinical attachments, please feel free to ask me. You can register using this link . Find me as an Ambassador and follow my profile – Aditi Kuchik– to get regular support and advice.

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1 Comment

Ajay Chaudhary
Ajay Chaudhary
Jul 08, 2023

Hello Doctor

I have booked my PLAB 2 on 16/01/2024 as early dates were unavailable and my OET is expiring on 22/01/2024. With the expired OET do you think any trusts/consultants will accept me for Clinical attachment?

P.S. I am not planning to give the new OET because the GMC now accepts the PLAB 2 pass as proof of English language.

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