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GMC registration - STEP 7 - Things to do after your application is approved

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

A long-awaited moment has come - your application is approved and you are about to be granted full GMC registration with a licence to practice. Congratulations! Are you wondering what to do next?

In this post, we will explain the most important things you need to do and keep in mind after your application is approved.

ID check

After the GMC has approved your application for full registration with a licence to practise, you will receive an email with an invitation to book an appointment to come for an identity check at their offices in London or Manchester. The GMC will also inform you about the list of documents you have to take with you. Usually, these are the documents that you submitted earlier in your online application.

Before the pandemic, you would need to come within 3 months of the date of that email. If you did not complete an identity check within this time, the GMC would close your application. Spaces for appointments were filled very quickly and IMGs were asked to book the appointment as soon as possible.

Currently, the ID check is suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Applications are still being approved, and you will have to complete an ID check at a later date.

The GMC will not be able to see you unless you have pre-booked an appointment. You will need to book your appointment through GMC online click on ‘My appointments & Workshops’.

ID check would have to be done in person in one of the GMC offices either in London or Manchester. You would need to be in the UK, either on your visitor or working visa (if you have already got one). During the ID Check, you will have to fill and sign the declaration form. The GMC will check original documents and take a photo of you for their records. Usually, the whole process takes 30-40 minutes.

During pre-COVID times, you would be awarded GMC registration and given your license to practise when you finished ID Check. During the pandemic, you can be awarded GMC registration and the ID Check will be done later. The GMC registration certificate will be issued and sent to the address provided by you.

Looking for a job

You can now start looking for a job if you have not started yet. Please keep in mind that your practice in the UK will be subject to the requirements of GMC approved practice setting (APS) scheme until your first revalidation. In simple words, if you are granted registration, you will need to work within an approved practice setting. You can find more information on the GMC APS page. Do not work until granted and listed on the List for Registered Medical Professionals (LRMP).

Make sure that your insurance and indemnity still provides adequate cover to practise in the UK. You can read more information in the GMC insurance and indemnity guidance.

If you missed the GMC registration webinar and would like to know the main steps you need to take in order to obtain full registration to practice, you can watch it for free here.

‘Welcome to UK Practice’ workshop

You can also book and attend the ‘Welcome to UK Practice’ workshop through GMC online, by clicking on ‘My appointments & Workshops’. This workshop is free and was organised to support doctors new to the UK. Before the pandemic, you would need to go to London and attend the workshop in person. However, currently, it is being delivered by webinar online.

This workshop usually lasts for 2-3 hours. It represents practical guidance with real-life ethical scenarios looking at consent, confidentiality, raising concerns, care for children and young people, and prescribing guidance. It is also a great place to make IMG friends.

Annual retention fee

All doctors pay an annual retention fee to stay on the register. But there may be other fees to maintain your registration depending on your circumstances.

If you are practising in the UK, you will need to pay an annual retention fee for full registration with a licence to practise:

  • £157 for newly qualified doctors

  • £408 if qualified more than 5 years ago

If you have not been practising in the UK for 1 year after you were given your license to practise, and you want to stay on the GMC register, you will need to pay an annual retention fee for registration without a licence to practise:

  • £57 for newly qualified doctors

  • £146 if qualified more than 5 years ago

Read more about GMC registration fees here.

Doctors whose gross annual worldwide income from all sources is below whose annual income is lower than £32,000 may be entitled to a 50% discount on the value of their annual retention fee. Further information can be found on the GMC income discount page.

Having questions?

1. You can always ask our friendly team members, mentors and senior IMGs for advice here. Our guidance is free.

2. We encourage you to watch the Q&A session from a 1-hour interactive and engaging webinar with the GMC on the GMC registration process.

3. Look at the examples from Omar's experience with the online application process here.

We hope that our GMC registration series was helpful for you.

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