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How To Juggle Work And PLAB 1 Preparation

Hello, I'm Dr. Niharika Koushik, an IMG from India, taking my PLAB 1 in February 2023, and in today's blog, I will give some tips that would help you manage work and PLAB 1 preparation simultaneously.

After speaking to a few seniors and going through multiple blogs and vlogs, I understood the importance of improving my resume to enhance my chances of landing a non-training job or getting into training in the NHS.

The simplest thing that anyone in any part of the world can do is having clinical experience by continuing to work, but it can get a tad bit difficult when you are trying to give exams alongside.

My first and most useful suggestion would be to take up a job that would allow you to have the flexibility of time and effort you put in. In case that is not possible, then I'd suggest you start preparing for PLAB well in advance:

1. Start with whatever materials you can get for free first, and familiarise yourself with the content.

2. The second thing to do is to start your preparation early; it's never too early to begin. If you plan at least 6 months ahead, then you will be able to manage your work and prep with ease.

3. The third would be to finish the material as soon as possible and then attempt as many last-year recalls and mocks as you can. Active recall is a game-changer! Be it in the form of group discussions, flashcards, or mocks, whatever works for you.

4. The fourth and most important one would be to limit the number of resources and focus on revision. There will be a maximum of 15-20 new concepts, so don't lose the 160 marks by stressing over 10% of new concepts.

5. Fifth would be to make your own notes for areas you are weak in or note down the questions that you repeatedly get confused with.

6. Lastly, give yourself the credit you owe. Try to focus on your individual daily improvement; you'll achieve your target in due time.

All the best for your preparation!

Need More Help?

If you have any questions about PLAB 1, I would be more than happy to answer them at You can register using this link

Find me as a community ambassador and follow Dr. Niharika Koushik for random snippets of advice and to know more stories of mine as I navigate through it all.


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