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How to Pass PLAB 1: 10 Tips with Do's and Don'ts

Greetings, I'm Udit. I recently passed my PLAB 1 exam in May 2022 as an IMG from India, and I'm currently studying for my PLAB 2 exam. I hope that sharing my PLAB 1 experience and passing strategies in today's blog will be helpful to you.

In this blog post, I'll cover the following topics:

• Top 10 tips to pass PLAB 1

• Do’s and Don’ts for PLAB 1

Top 10 Tips to Pass PLAB 1:

1. Managing time

The key competency you need to succeed on this test is time management. For 180 questions, you have 180 minutes. You can't afford to squander even a single minute.

The best time-saving method is to read the question in under 30 seconds and then finish your answer in the following 15 seconds. Do not wait until the last minute to mark the response on your answer sheet.

2. Avoid memorization

Learn the concepts, not the questions. It is incorrect to memorise qbank questions with the expectation that they would be tested later.

3. Thoroughly read the question

Read the questions carefully because the first line may be about something different, and the true question may be hidden in the last line. Always read the entire question; don't skim a few lines and mark the response out of haste.

4. Practice! Practice! Practice!

Practice makes you perfect!! Practice the questions from Day 1. Every day, attempt more and more questions. Revision is the magic! Reread difficult subjects several times!

5. Flashcards/ Sticky notes

You can use flashcards to assist you to remember the facts you'll need for the exam.

You will be able to review more quickly in the days leading up to your exam if you start creating flashcards and sticky notes from the first day. It is also helpful to create sticky notes for challenging subjects and attach them somewhere you will see them frequently.

6. Reading Notes

Together, read the notes and answer the questions. Avoid simply answering the questions without reading the notes. Read the explanation from the qbank and make annotations on it in your notes.

7. Mock exams are key to success

Give as many mock exams as possible because it will teach you how to manage your time better.

8. Work on weak areas

After taking mock exams, analyse your results to determine where you may improve.

9. Confidence

Be assured. If you are confident and possess some basic medical knowledge, you will succeed on this exam. YOU GOT THIS!


1. Prepare your documents in advance.

2. Keep shading as you check the answers; do not circle the answer sheet at the end.

3. Try to get a good night's sleep by going to bed early.

4. Have breakfast before the exam, and keep yourself properly hydrated. Bring your usual medications and some snacks with you.

5. Plan your trip in advance if you need to travel to the exam site so you can relax on test day.

6. Relax and have faith in your ability.


1. Avoid drinking tea and caffeine in excess.

2. Avoid studying on the day of the exam or the evening before.

3. Avoid going to bed at a time that is odd for you. No late-night sleep.

4. Do not watch any video related to the PLAB 1 exam a week before your exam.

If you have any questions about PLAB 1 exam, I would be happy to answer them at You can register using this link Sign-up today using this link . You can also check out TrewLink Instagram page.

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