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How to Prepare Yourself Before You Decide to Choose the PLAB Pathway as an IMG?

Hi guys! I’m Dr. Roshini IMG from India. I’m a recent graduate, on a break year post-graduation, who just began my PLAB pathway. I used to always think that all my classmates had it all figured out about their future, that they would write their Indian postgraduate exams, get a rank, choose their branch, and join their course.

This pathway seemed so simple and easy. But for me, it felt like I had to be a part of a long race to win my dream. But, when you want to get out of this race, so many questions pop up, and you start questioning your decision. So I’m here to help anyone out there going through the same thing as me by sharing my experience so far.

How to decide whether or not to choose the PLAB Pathway?

- Take your time. Breathe. You don’t have to decide everything quickly. I took some time after graduation for about 2 months before I made the decision.

- Don’t get overwhelmed by the different options available or that your fellow classmates have all taken another route. You decide YOUR pros and cons, and don’t just blindly follow others.

- Research. There are many websites and many people on social media which help you to understand the UK pathway.

- Forget about the myth that PLAB is an easy exam to get into post-graduation; that is why many IMGs go for it. This is absolutely false.

- Remember that it’s not just about passing the PLAB exams, but there’s more to it, and it’s a long journey till you complete your entire post-graduation course.

Some useful tips I think you should be aware of:

I made a mistake without finding out about this information before. So would like to share it with you all:

- 1st create your GMC online account. Then, look for the next available PLAB dates on the website. This is important to know so that you can plan your year accordingly.

- After finding out this, then only book your IELTS/OET dates at least 3 months before the next available PLAB dates.

- Once you get your required band/score, get your score verified in your GMC account.

- Now all you have to do is be prepared for booking.

- Remember to keep checking the official GMC Website and Facebook page for the next available dates. Sometimes they can change it.

- Most importantly, remember that sometimes you can feel left out if your friends are not on the same journey as you. If you feel left out, remember you can create your own community. The best way to do this is through social media and by joining communities like TrewLink.

Hope this information helped.

Need more help?

I hope this blog helps you in ways that TrewLink blogs have done for me. If you have any other questions about PLAB 1, please feel free to ask me. You can register using this link .Find me as an Ambassador and follow my profile –Roshini Kadimcherla– to get regular support and advice.

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