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Networking: Building Connections Before Moving to the UK

Hi, my name is Dr. Niharika Koushik. I am an IMG from India planning to enter the UK through the PLAB route. In today's blog, I will be discussing the importance of networking and how to actively create one before moving to the UK.

The following aspects will be dealt in this blog:

1. Connecting with seniors from your home country

2. Attending conferences

3. Participating in courses accredited by the Royal College

Connecting with seniors from your home country

When I first started assessing my options for further studies, I spoke to many of my seniors from college; I didn't know anyone personally, yet I got their numbers and reached out. You need to take charge, don't be too hesitant; some will respond, and some won't. The people who have already gone through the process can give you insights that you'd be otherwise unaware of.

I'm working as a medical officer in a tertiary care centre right now; I've spoken about taking up the PLAB route with my consultants and requested them to pass on any contacts they have in the UK. You'd be surprised how many would help if you just asked!

Attending conferences

I recently attended a conference conducted by the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh. I got to speak to consultants from the UK from a wide variety of specialisations, many of them gave their contact too, and I hope that some of them would be kind enough to give me a clinical attachment when the time comes (fingers crossed).

The only way I got to know about it was through their social media posts. Follow the Royal College on LinkedIn and Twitter, go through their posts, and visit their website often. Sometimes there are things happening a stone's throw away from you, and the only reason you miss them is that you are unaware that such opportunities exist. Even if they aren't visiting your country, they are always conducting various webinars that could give you an idea and help you score CPD points too!

Participating in courses accredited by the Royal College

There are many courses conducted by the Royal College that have international centres. Visit their website and check it out. If it's available in your home country, then attend one. Some might dissuade you saying it won't be as good as what you'd get in the UK, but what you get here is beyond that.

You will meet a whole array of people on the same or similar path. For example, I got to know about an agency that helps with your CV and Plab bookings; I spoke to people who've done their Royal College exams and feel more informed and motivated to do it as well.

There's so much I've learnt through this journey and so much more that I've yet to learn. These are my two cents, and I hope it helps the others yet to begin theirs...

If you have any questions regarding networking or how to approach people, I would be happy to answer them at You can register using . Find me as an Ambassador and get in touch:)

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