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Prepare for the PLAB 2 Exam While Handling Your PLAB 2 Exam Failure

Greetings, I am Dr. Udit. I passed my PLAB 1 exam in May 2022 as an IMG from India, and I am currently studying for my PLAB 2 exam while working as a junior resident in India. I failed my PLAB 2 exam in January 2023, and I hope that sharing my PLAB 2 experiences and what to do after failing the PLAB 2 exam in today's blog will be helpful to you.

In this blog post, I'll cover the following topics:

- What to do after failing PLAB 2?

- How to prepare for the PLAB 2 exam?

I read it somewhere:

Every failure is a step to success.

Although reading these quotes won't help you during your difficult moments, they will give you the strength to go through them.

I had been anxiously awaiting my results for about a month when I learned that my PLAB 2 exam had been a failure. When you factor in the cost of traveling to the UK, lodging, and other expenses, the PLAB 2 exam is pricey.

Keeping all this in mind, I booked another exam date and started preparing for the exam.

In order to prevent making mistakes and waste time, keep the following in mind:

1. You're not the only one who failed this exam. Accept the unpalatable truth. Not all is lost in this situation. As physicians, we have attempted so many exams and fallen short so many times. Accept your failure and plan what's next.

2. Once you are in the correct frame of mind, you should decide whether you wish to retake the test. Take as much time as you want. Don't rush; you will get plenty of seats for the exam.

3. Choosing the best date for you should take into account your visa situation because you could need to reapply and start the application process from scratch if your current visa is about to expire. Book the exam for your desired date and take it one step at a time.

4. You now have a test date and a few months till the test. You ought to review your mistakes. Examine your areas of weakness and consider how to strengthen them. The crucial stage of the voyage is this one:


5. Find study companions who, ideally, failed the exam as well. They have experience sitting for exams and can provide insight into how they felt. Additionally, you previously completed all of your studies, so this time there is no need to start from scratch. The errors you made need to be revised and fixed.

6. Make a solid study schedule and concentrate on your shortcomings, whether they are in management, interpersonal skills, or data collection. All of them can be improved with a little practice.

7. There will be times when you'll feel depressed and have second thoughts, but that's natural.

8. All 16 stations of this exam are important. Give it your all in all stations. Take mock and practice with multiple people and ask them to rate you on your data gathering, IPS, and management skills. Also, if you have friends working in the NHS, ask them to take your mocks.

9. The practise of speaking in front of a mirror can also aid in improving your speaking abilities.

10. Be confident, and you can pass this exam with proper planning and practice, and support from your family and friends.

As handling this alone is incredibly difficult, talk to people who have experienced similar failures. We all know how difficult, expensive, and stressful this exam is. We simply need to make one more push, and we'll receive our GMC registration.

Also, keep in mind that PLAB 2 dates are always available, albeit they might not be until 3-6 months. Do not fret about the passing of time; instead, use it to enhance your portfolio and work experience while you get ready for PLAB 2.

Good luck with your exam!

Need More Help?

If you have any questions about the PLAB 1 or 2 exams and what to do after passing/failing your exams, I would be happy to answer them at You can also register using this link. You can also check out TrewLink IG page for further guidance. Find me as an Ambassador and Follow my profile – Udit Kathuria - to receive regular support and advice.

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