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Tips to Pass PLAB 1: Study Strategy

Hey! I'm Sanchita, an IMG from India, and I passed my PLAB 1 in august 2022. In this post, I'll be telling you my personal experience and what helped me pass my exam.

Have a Study Plan

- As we've all heard, consistency is the key. I strongly believe having a study plan and sticking to it is very beneficial. Divide the syllabus into topics and tackle each topic at a time. Thereby doing the theory and subsequent MCQs from the same topic, you'll have a good understanding and learn how to approach the questions after gaining theoretical knowledge. Once you finish a topic, you'll gain confidence in it, and you can then pick the next.

- Each of us has different unique learning and grasping abilities, so make sure you know yourself and how long you'll need to cover all the topics required for the exam and customise your own timetable accordingly. Always better to have extra days to revise than lesser.

- Spaced repetition and revision by using the flashcard method (you can find many apps online) helped a lot personally and is recommended by students who have academically shined. A very effective smart way to study with proven results.

- Avoid burnout since it can affect the quality of your study. Take frequent breaks and balance your day with adequate rest and exercise. Check out my colleague's post for more details regarding burnout.

- Not being able to stick to the timetable 100% is acceptable since we're all humans and life happens, so plus/minus a few days is totally alright as long as it gets covered over the subsequent next days and there's not much of a delay. With hard work and consistency, you got this!

Need More Support?

TrewLink has informative posts that will help you in your journey ahead. If you need more guidance about exam preparation and working in the NHS, you can always contact us here.

You can register and find me on the website for further support and advice using this link:

Happy to help :)

Good Luck!

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