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Top Tips to Avoid Burnout During PLAB Preparation

Hi, my name is Dr. Nuren. I am an IMG from India. In today’s blog, I will be telling you my top 5 tips to avoid burnout during exam preparation.

What is Burnout?

Burnout may be defined as a psychological syndrome that occurs due to a prolonged response to chronic interpersonal stressors. The three main factors contributing to burnout are:

1. High level of emotional exhaustion

2. Feelings of depersonalization

3. Reduced feelings of personal accomplishment

To be more efficient with our studies, we should make sure that we study with complete focus and take adequate breaks.

Some Tips to Help You Do the Same Would Be:

1. Set a Timetable

Planning the week ahead and coming up with doable targets keep you on track. It’s better to plan what you’ll be covering rather than the time you’ll allot to each topic so that you don’t get anxious if you don’t complete the target on time. Doing this helps save energy as one does not have to think about what needs to be done next or when it needs to be done.

2. Exercise

A fit body and mind will help you thrive in life. Exercising will improve your mood and reduce stress and anxiety. A short session of an intense workout, or a run in the park enjoying nature, can help you recharge. The important thing is to find an exercise you enjoy doing that fits into your life so that you will stick with it.

3. Get a Study Partner

The journey can get lonely. Study partners are a great way to stay motivated and work on your weaknesses. Having study buddies can help you solve each other’s doubts and keep your spirits high during the journey. It will also act as a check for accountability.

4. Keep Family and Friends Close

Choose your friends wisely. The people in your life who uplift you and fill your thoughts with optimistic beliefs are a blessing. They’ll help you see the bigger picture whenever you need a dose of motivation. We should not forget that man is a social animal, and keeping your various relationships alive will make life easier as you navigate it.

5. Keep Your Hobbies Alive

To help you unwind and bring you joy that only things you enjoy doing can bring. Exam preparation doesn’t have to be the only thing occupying all your time. Making time to relax will paradoxically also make the time you focus on your studies much more productive.

Need More Support?

Trewlink has amazing resources that will help you in your PLAB journey and beyond. If you need more guidance about exam preparation and working in the NHS, you can always contact us here:

You can register and find me on the website for further support using this link:

Good luck!

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