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How To Settle In Your Job - Life of a Psych SHO/ST1/CT1

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Hi my name is Ayesha. I am an IMG from Bangladesh, and also an Ex planner, Plab 1 & 2 mentor, mock examiner and tutor.

I have been working for NHS since Jan 22 and I have found this journey quite interesting. In today's blog, I am going to tell you about my experience as SHO which will help you to understand what to expect and how to start your NHS job - specially first job.

“Life of SHO”

Psychiatry was my first choice to start work as a SHO in NHS, and I'm enjoying it every moment. This role is quite interesting and if I’m not wrong most of colleagues think psych meant less job however it includes a whole group of medical specialities knowledge at basic level, trust me on that please!

Five important points to keep in mind when you are starting your new role in NHS

  1. There is always always someone watching you and feedback goes to your team/consultant. You may be thinking I would be paranoid! NOOO… Just always be vigilant, do what you are doing, be kind and carry on.

  2. Morning MDT meeting - everyone is talking , you are just jotting down the job, that’s it? NOOO! Please observe how they are expressing issues, how team discussion came up with solutions. Why all of this is important? Because you are learning how to raise and solve an issue and communications skills.

  3. Patients are unwell but you need to do blood, ECG and importantly history — is it worthwhile to try that on very unwell patients and put yourself in danger? Think think — NOOO, why don’t I give some PRN medications after discussing with seniors, settle down few hours, meanwhile read all about this patient's collected collateral history, medications and be ready for case presentations. Sounds good right!

  4. While talking about Jobs - lets talk about 2 crucial info, your list has 10 jobs, as you have wrote no 1, so you have started your job from the top. Wait! Have you checked is it urgent or time consuming? Does it need some special info? What I’m trying to say is prioritise work please. I can't stress enough how important it is. Secondly if you can't do it, delegate to other doctors and type one line under patient's notes that you are handing over. This is the very grey area as we talk to our colleagues and share so many information and we tend to avoid typing as it was sounds silly to type little bits under patients note. Trust me wallahi, it is life saving. This note can save you from serious incident also. So remember it please.

  5. Last but not the least you are doing what you know, if in any doubt ask questions no matter how silly. I was feeling shy at first but when you start to ask, it will give you confidence and help you correct yourself if you have any doubts.

Gist is …

Be yourself, work hard, prioritise work, share work, document even small bits, take breaks, learn from your surroundings, stay positive and keep going. And always keep in mind patient safety is your main target here.

Need more tips and Advice ???

Please watch my webinar regarding life of SHO in psychiatry and follow Trewlink for more updated info.

If you have any question regarding Psychiatry SHO specially drop a text/email under Trewlink Community Expert categories and happy to answers on my spare time. And also please for my professional development drop a feedback which will take only 10 seconds, trust me:

“Your journey has just begun, why not embrace it with challenges and positive mind rather than fear and scaring your colleague” - Ayesha Sumina

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