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Pre-employment Check: Advice and Guidance

This article will talk about the pre-employment checks to be mindful of before starting work in the NHS. It is important to have an idea about this process to avoid unprecedented stress and delays in starting your work.

Identity check

This step will involve proving your identity using any of the following document ; Passport, national ID card, Driving license and bank statement, water or electricity bills, council tax bill. This method used for this step may vary from trust to trust. Some trust use mobile applications to check your ID while other might conduct a video call.

Health Check

This involves sending your vaccination records to the occupational and health team to see if you are up to date with your vaccinations if you are going to be working in close contact with patients.

Please be aware some foreign vaccinations might not be accepted in the UK. But not to worry, OH department offer blood tests to see if you will need any vaccination or boosters and provide it before you start your work.

Criminal Record Check

A DBS check will be carried out in this step, you will need to make an online application on DBS Checks - Apply for your DBS Check Online. , a small fee will have to be paid. You will receive a post of your DBS check which will need to be scanned and sent to your HR team. Singing up for automatic annual renewal of DBS check is recommend to avoid hassle in the future.

Reference Check

While making your application for a job ensure your referees are up to date and contactable. An email will be sent the people listed by you to fill out a form and send it back. Reference usually involve a work and personal reference. Usually 3 are recommended.


If you are new to the UK, there are a few things to be prepared with. HR department will ask for UK based bank account details, and to open an UK bank account you will require address proof. Hence, finding accommodation and setting up a bank account are crucial. A bank statement might be requested as a second address proof. Renting documents as first.

Setting up account on Monzo is recommend as you will be able to download your bank statement as soon as your card arrives whereas in other banks you might have to wait up to a month to be able to do the same.

Hope you found this article useful. Clearing things with the HR department might be stressful and lengthy depending on the trust, being prepared for what it to come will help ease your stress and speed up the process.

How TrewLink can help

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