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Time to Talk About the Eligibility Process for UKFP 2024

Hi, my name is Athitaya (Aimy). I am a final-year medical student from Thailand studying in Malaysia, and I am planning on applying to the UK Foundation Programme (UKFP) soon. In today's blog, I am going to discuss with you the eligibility process for UKFP (UK Foundation Programme) 2024!

As we all know, starting from this year, the allocation process for the 2-year Foundation Programme 2024 has been changed to using a new system called "Preference Informed Allocation."

Though most of the processes are quite similar to the previous system, there are some changes, including certain documents needed for eligibility that all IMGs need to stay on top of. While this blog only covers the eligibility process, please bear in mind that there are other processes, such as booking and submitting PLAB results as well as GMC registration later on in the process, that all IMG applicants should be starting concurrently and sticking to the deadline given.

I will discuss in this blog the following:

- What is an eligibility application?

- Timeline for the eligibility process

- Documents needed to apply

What is an eligibility application?

In short, the eligibility application is a process that needs to be done by all IMGs who wish to apply for the UKFP, whether it's the 2-year programme or the FY2 (Foundation year 2) Standalone.

Its application process starts before the UKFP application process, and IMGs need to be deemed eligible to be able to apply to the UK Foundation Programme. If, however, an IMG is deemed ineligible, there will be a chance for them to appeal further. The process is done online on the Oriel website.

Timeline for the eligibility process

Please note that as the UKFPO website is being updated live, the information listed here can be changed by the UKFP Office anytime; please check their website regularly for the most up-to-date details (link is provided at the end of the blog).

Eligibility application opens on:

4th of July 2023 (BST Time Zone)

Eligibility application submission deadline:

25 July 2023 at 12:00 PM (NOON/MIDDAY- BST Time Zone)

Eligibility results release date on Oriel:

10 August 2023 (BST Time Zone)

Documents needed to apply:

1. Passport/Government-issued ID

2. Passport-type photo

3. Valid Dean's Statement for UKFP 2024

This is one of the documents that its format has been changed by removing the decile ranking of students as compared to the previous Dean's Statement for UKFP 2023 to match with the new allocation process. The template of this important document can be found in this link.

4. Proof of Primary Medical Qualification (PMQ)

This can be either a scanned colour copy of your official degree certificate (must be translated if not in English) or an official letter from your medical school dean in the case that your medical degree certificate has not been issued yet.

5. Evidence of PLAB exams

This can be either the successfully passed results of PLAB 1 and 2 or the booking dates of PLAB 1 (within the time limit, which the booking must be made before 31 August 2023) if you have graduated and received your PMQ. It can also be the valid dean's statement confirming that your date of qualification will be in time to book for the last PLAB session before the deadline. When you book, make sure your PLAB 1 examination date is on or before 2 November 2023 to be qualified.

6. Proof of English Proficiency

The IELTS (only UKVI, Academic, and General Training are accepted!) must be at least 7.5 in all 4 domains (speaking, writing, reading, and listening) and achieved in 1 exam sitting.

OET is only accepted when you score a minimum of 400 in all 4 domains and achieve in 1 exam sitting.

7. GMC registration

This process is not required at the time of the eligibility process but must be done later before the start date of UKFP 2024.

8. Right to work

This process is not required at the time of the eligibility process but must be done later before the start date of UKFP 2024.

9. Clinical Assessment Test

This is only applicable to anyone who has graduated for more than 2 years (with no proof of clinical practice evidence that is acceptable by the GMC) from the start date of the UKFP.

The applicant will be notified of the test dates later on.


These are the eligibility process in a nutshell! Bear in mind that there are always updates and changes on the UKFPO website regarding these processes. It is extremely important to be resourceful, prepare early, and keep yourself updated by both visiting the UKFPO website regularly and attending new Trewlink webinars.

Need More Help?

If you have any questions about this topic or just want to discuss it, I would be happy to help at You can register using this link Find me as an Ambassador and Follow my profile – Athitaya Palawatara - to receive regular support and advice.


- The overview of the Eligibility Process can be found here:

- Details on the Key Dates and Timeline can be found here:

- Details on the documents needed for the eligibility process can be found here:

- Details of how to apply to the eligibility process can be found here:

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